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GlitzCloud E-Commerce Platform

GlitzCloud e-commerce platform is a professional cross-border e-commerce one-stop management system built by a professional team with many years of cross-border e-commerce experience. We serve export cross-border e-commerce sellers and provide more professional overseas e-commerce platform docking , more detailed product management, more accurate cost management, more convenient multi-store order management, more accurate multi-warehouse management and other services. Utilize the docking with more than 20 mainstream e-commerce platforms in the United States to help cross-border sellers achieve efficient and convenient one-stop, cross-platform, multi-store sales solutions.

What We Do?

Our Main Features

Through GlitzCloud, sellers can easily share curated product data, update inventory, and manage the lifecycle of dropship transactions from purchase orders through invoicing.

Order Management

Orders are synchronized in real time, and multi-platform unified management.

Batch review orders and intelligently identify abnormal orders.


Product Management

Powerful product database, perfect product development process.

Multi-platform, multi-store product data import and export.

Customize product attributes and manage products by attribute.

Warehouse Management

Docking with overseas warehouses in the United States, Amazon FBA warehouses, Wayfair CastleGate warehouses, and multi-warehouse inventory management.

Multi-warehouse product, cost analysis management.

Automatic batch synchronization of inventory on multiple platforms.

Report Management

Online generation of multi-platform performance, sales, inventory and sales comparison reports, real-time statistics of stage profits, commodity and order profits.

Analysis reports such as sales forecast, out-of-stock warning, and replenishment analysis, covering a wide range of dimensions.

Cost Management

Cost analysis and cost monitoring for commodities and orders.

Multi-warehouse, batch cost management.

Purchasing Management

Using the sold data, intelligently analyze the number of weeks available for sale, scientifically formulate purchasing plans and replenishment reminders.



Why Choose GlitzCloud ?

Connected to more than 20 mainstream platforms in the United States, unified management of omni-channel data.

  • Highly automated order and inventory processing
  • Provide complete order support services
  • Wider-dimensional sales statistics and precise cost control
  • Warehouse integration, multi-warehouse inventory & cost management


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